Vania x Vania

by Pablo Remón

Two different approaches to one of Chekhov’s classic texts, rewritten and interpreted twice over.

28 to 30 may 2024
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“Vania x Vania is a project composed of two works.

Two different approaches to the same text: Uncle Vanya by Chekhov, rewritten in two new and original versions, in completely different styles. Two independent plays, performed by the same actors.

Vania (version 1) – May 28th, 7:30 p.m. OPEN STAGE SPACE

A stripped-down, essential Chekhov. A minimalist approach to the text and performance.

Vania (version 2) – May 29th and 30th – 7:30 p.m. MAIN HALL
A rewriting of Chekhov in two periods: Russia, late 19th century; Castile, today.
A theatrical game. How does the original work dialogue with an updated rewrite? To what extent are the questions from the original work still relevant today?”

The team

Writer and Director: Pablo Remón.
Cast Vania x Vania (versión 1): Javier Cámara, Israel Elejalde, Marta Nieto, Marina Salas, Juan Codina, Manuela Paso.
Cast Vania x Vania (versión 2): Javier Cámara, Israel Elejalde, Marta Nieto, Laura Galán, Juan Codina, Manuela Paso.
Set design: Monica Boromello.
Lighting: David Picazo.
Costumes: Ana López.
Sound: Sandra Vicente.
Assistant director: Raquel Alarcón.
Executive production: Pablo Ramos Escola.
Production manager: Jordi Buxó, Aitor Tejada.
Distribution: Caterina Caterina Muñoz Luceño.
A co-production by Teatro Español and Teatro Kamikaze.


Day 28 – OPEN STAGE SPACE – Single price 25 € – 19:30 h.
Days 29 and 30 – 19:30 h. LARGE ROOM


13 - 25€ /discounts

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105 min.