Una noche sin luna

by Juan Diego Botto

A dynamic and daring work, very up-to-date while at the same time revealing, about the life of Federico Garcia Lorca.

05 to 07 february 2021

With Una Noche sin Luna we get to know the lesser known aspects of the life and work of Federico García Lorca. The journey proposed by the play is not an archaeological one, but a way of getting to know, through his work, our own reality. In this way, the work becomes a living, daring and dynamic play in which Lorca’s word, his life and his world, serve as a mirror of our own.

Interviews, talks and conferences by Lorca, fragments of his works, poems… through these and thanks to Juan Diego Botto’s dramaturgy, it is Lorca himself who, in the first person, brings us closer to his world. With a lot of irony, emotion and sense of humour, the author talks about his time in the student residence, the criticisms received for Yerma, his experience in La Barraca, his relationship with the press, his loves… and we explore subjects such as the role of women under his poetic and revindicative, the need for artistic freedom and freedom of expression, the struggle for freedom of sexual identity and the importance of memory and roots.

The team

Author and actor: Juan Diego Botto.
Director: Sergio Peris-Mencheta.
Stage design: Curt Allen Wilmer (aapee) con estudioDedos.
Lighting design: Valentín Álvarez.
Costume design: Elda Noriega (aapee).
Design and production management: Nur Levi.
Production: La Rota Producciones, Barco Pirata Producciones.
Distribution: Concha Busto Producción y Distribución.


5 - 19:00
6 - 19:00
7 - 19:00


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105 min.