Wajdi Mouawad, a Lebanese-born author, portrays in Todos pájaros the feelings and pains of the enemy in a tense atmosphere surrounded by attacks. Eitan is a young German born into a religious Jewish family. His father, David, was born in Israel and emigrated when he was seven years old with his father, Etgar, and mother, Léah. When David is about ten years old, Léah asks for a divorce and leaves Berlin, leaving David with a deep sense of abandonment. At the age of 25, David marries a Jew from East Germany with whom he will have a son, Eitan. Twenty-two years later, Eitan leaves Germany for the United States to pursue his thesis. He falls in love with a young American of Moroccan descent, Wahida, a history student. During Pessah, Eitan’s family decides to visit him: his grandfather, his mother, and his father; Eitan wants to introduce them to Wahida. His father reacts very violently and rejects the young woman because of her Arab origin. Eitan, in his anger, disowns his father. After their departure, he extracts DNA samples from the remnants of the party, convinced that he cannot be his father’s son. But the results confirm it. He is undoubtedly his son. However, he discovers something he would never have expected…

The team

Director: Mario Gas.
Cast: Nuria Espert, Vicky Peña, Candela Serrat.
Set Design: Sebastià Brosa.
Sound Space: Orestes Gas.
Costume Design: Antonio Belart.
Video Design: Álvaro Luna.
Lighting Design: Felipe Ramos.
Voice: Anabel Moreno.
Graphic Design: Baruc Corazón, Oyer Corazón.
Executive Production: Pilar de Yzaguirre.
Production Management: Elisa Ibarrola.


30/05/2025 7:30 PM
31/05/2025 7:00 PM


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