A project of Gemma Martinez written by David Caiña

It is playing, it is dreading, and it is fighting. Fighting and laughing. It is a journey through female fears.

24 to 26 november 2022

Todas las hijas is the story of five actresses. It is the tale of their lives. Five women talk, because they need to talk, about how they got here, how they have lived their lives and their art and why, deep in their chest, between the heart and the lungs, where you feel and breathe, there is a restlessness. Maybe it’s pain, or just fear, or age, or loneliness, or love that also hurts sometimes, or a shrill laugh. But they all remember their mother, that’s why they are all daughters.

Back stage, these 5 women rehearse a play full of mystery and violence. Plunged into darkness, echoes from the stage make them relive episodes of their lives that have shaped them as free and independent women. But the road was not easy, and is still not easy, fear accompanies them.

Todas las hijas is a work of terror. A woman walks down a street at night and hears footsteps following her. A possessive mother drags her daughter into madness. The fear of closing her eyes and dreaming. The childhood memory of abuse. The nightmare of a relationship marked by violence. Not sleeping, not eating, becoming a ghost, a vampire, a monster. But these five women have enormous power, like Carrie, the power to move the world with their stare. With their open veins, they look at us, they speak to us. Theirs is pure drama.

The team

A project of Gemma Martinez
Written by David Caiña

Director: Andrés Lima
Assistant director: Laura Ortega
Actors: Gemma Matínez, Ane Gabarain, Maribel Salas, Sol Maguna y Vito Rogado
Production: Gorka Mínguez
Visuals: Gorka Etxeandia
Coproduction: Teatro Arriaga

A production of Erre Produkzioak

Premier in Arriaga Theatre


24 - 19:30h.

25 - 19:30h.


From 11€ to 21€ /with discounts

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90 min.