The Mountain

Agrupación Señor Serrano

Everest, Orson Welles, fake news, screens, Putin, a summit, the truth... What is it? Does it exist?

12 february 2021

After leaving a delectable taste in our mouths last season with Kingdom, the Agrupación Señor Serrano returns to Arriaga Theatre with The Mountain, another work with the company’s personal and non-transferable hallmark, which uses the summit as a metaphor for life. There is a broadly shared image that runs through the history of ideas: climbing a mountain, overcoming all difficulties to reach its summit and once there, being able to see the world “as it is”. To see the truth and not only shadows or reflections. An attractive image, indeed. But, is it really so? Often, looking down from the summit, you can see only clouds and fog blanketing everything or a landscape that changes depending on the moment of the day or the weather. So, what is that world like? What is that truth like? Does the truth exist? Is it a summit that has to be crowned and that’s it, or is it a cold and inhospitable path that has to be climbed continuously?

The Mountain combines the first expedition to Everest, whose success is still uncertain today, with Orson Welles spreading panic on his radio programme The War of the Worlds; badminton players playing baseball; a fake news website; a drone scrutinising the public; lots of snow; mobile screens; fragmented images; and Vladimir Putin talking happily about trust and truth.

The show is in english, with subtitles in spanish on screen.

The team

Creation: Agrupación Señor Serrano.
Dramaturgy and direction: Àlex Serrano, Pau Palacios, Ferran Dordal.
Performance: Anna Pérez Moya, Àlex Serrano, Pau Palacios, David Muñiz.
Music: Nico Roig.
Video programming: David Muñiz.
Video creation: Jordi Soler Quintana.
Scenic space and models: Lola Belles, Àlex Serrano.
Stage design assistant: Mariona Signes.
Costume design: Lola Belles.
Lighting design:
Digital masking: Román Torre.
Production manager: Barbara Bloin.
Executive producer: Paula Sáenz de Viteri.
Technical direcctor: David Muñiz.
Management: Art Republic.
Production: GREC Festival de Barcelona, Teatre Lliure, Centro de cultura contemporánea Condeduque, CSS Teatro Stabile di Innovazione del Friuli – Venezia Giulia, Teatro Stabile del Veneto – Teatro Nazionale, Zona K, Monty Kultuurfaktorij, Grand Theatre Feikes Huis.


12 - 19:00


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70 min.