La ternura

A romantic comedy of woodcutters and princesses, of errors and adventures

12 to 14 january 2018

A queen who is somewhat of a sorceress and her two daughters travel in the Spanish Armada, obliged to Phillip II to enter into marriages of convenience with English noblemen, once England has been successfully invaded. However, Queen Esmeralda hates men, because they have always shackled her life and removed her freedoms, so she is not willing to allow her daughters to suffer the same fate as she did.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s comedies, La Ternura, a comedy of woodcutters and princesses, seeks to convey the impossibility of protecting us from the damage caused by love, because if we want to love we must risk suffering. Alfredo Sanzol directs this romantic comedy featuring desert islands, monumental shipwrecks, fragile kinds, day-dreaming queens, fearful woodcutters and tempestuous shepherdesses.

The team

 Written and directed by: Alfredo Sanzol

Performance space and wardrobe design: Alejandro Andújar

Lighting: Pedro Yagüe

Music: Fernando Velázquez

Cast: Paco Déniz, Elena González, Natalia Hernández, Javier Lara, Juan Antonio Lumbreras, Eva Trancón

Assistant director: Beatriz Jaén

Stage and wardrobe assistant: Almudena Bautista

La Ternura is a production by Teatro de la Ciudad and Teatro de La Abadía


January 12 and 13. 08.00pm

January 14. 07.00pm


frm €8,50 to €24 /discounts

Friends of the Arriaga: 25%


1 hour 10 minutes