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Logela Multimedia eta Circle Of Trust - LORALDIA FESTIBALA

Music, breakdance, visual arts... a breathtaking montage that transports surrealism into the twenty-first century.

16 march 2023

The companies Logela Multimedia and Circle of Trust join forces to create a new, spectacular montage. The performance fuses dance, interaction, video creation and music.

On stage, the visual arts of Logela Multimedia and the spectacular break dance of Circle of Trust from Zaragoza complement each other. This edgy, youthful work of art explodes with inventiveness.

In the 1940s, as World War II raged, Paris’ cafés became a meeting place for artists from different disciplines. Surrealism emerged as a new artistic trend.

Surrealist artists are renowned for demonstrating that the unconscious is the source of the imagination. Logela Multimedia and COT have analysed these qualities and reinterpreted the work of those artists using 21st-century language: SUiRREALISMO.

The team

Companies: Logela Multimedia eta Circle Of Trust.
Artistic direction: Imanol Garaizabal.
Choreography: Alberto Pardo “Extremo”.
Dancers: Carmina Gimeno, Alberto Pardo Fran Sanchez, Marcos Pardo, Abel Escribano, Diego Bayona.
Music: Ander Garaizabal & DJ PUT1.
Lighting: Fermín Izko.
Genre: Dantza-Multimedia.


Day 16 - 19:30h.


15€ /discounts

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50% DISCOUNT (in proscenium balcony and one accompanying person)