The testament of Quevedo taken to the limit in a period when he could not dream

25 to 28 october 2017

This play is based on a text by Francisco de Quevedo with the extensive title of The dreams and speeches of true discoverers of abuses, vices and deceptions in all of the professions and states of the world. However, the main character here is not Devil, nor Death, nor any of the fictional characters that inhabit its pages.

The only star in these Dreams is Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas, the man, his life and the agony before his death, his memories and his obsessions, his friends and his enemies, his loves and his deceptions. It is the testament of an artist, but above all, a man taken to the limit at a time when he can no longer dream. The reality of the 17th century was so conclusive that “one could only vegetate or live in living flesh”. And this is how Quevedo lived, brilliantly performed by Juan Echanove.


The team

Sueños (Dreams)
Based on Dreams by Quevedo – Free Version by José Luis Collado

Director and Playwright: Gerardo Vera

Cast: Juan Echanove, Ángel Burgos, Markos Marín, Antonia Paso, Beatriz Arguello, Marta Ribera, Chema Ruiz, Críspulo Cabezas, Eugenio Villota, Abel Vitón

Stage Design: Alejandro Andújar and Gerardo Vera

Lighting Design: Juan Gómez-Cornejo (A.A.I.)

Wardrobe Design: Alejandro Andújar

Musical Montage: Luis Delgado

Video: Álvaro Luna

Stage Movement: Eduardo Torroja

Director’s Assistants: José Luis Arellano and José Luis Collado

Production: Mikel Gómez de Segura and Zuriñe Santamaría


08:00 pm.


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1 hour 50 minutes no interval