We will bear witness to four ways of tackling the act of undressing

24 to 25 march 2017

The Loraldia ‘Strip-tease’ Festival is a show comprising four short plays in Basque, being performed for the first time, and created respectively by Jokin Oregi, Mireia Gabilondo, Garbi Losada and Fernando Bernués. This in-house production aims to experiment with the process of performance creation we see in the Arriaga.

These four prestigious directors, all of whom have an extensive career, have all been asked to create a play based around the central theme of the striptease. By pulling on this provocative thread, we will bear witness to four ways of tackling the act of undressing.

These are the four plays, each lasting around 10-20 minutes, which make up ‘Strip-tease’:


Orduan, ez naiz biluztuko? (So, I don’t have to undress?)

 Lady Godiva, ikusten ez dena, ez da (Lady Godiva, what you don’t see isn’t so)

 Zutaz blai (Steeped in you)

 Begirunea (Delicacy)




The team


Orduan, ez naiz biluztuko? (So, I don't have to undress?)

Written and directed by: Jokin Oregi

Actors: Ane Pikaza, Olatz Ganboa, Lander Otaola and Getari Etxegarai

Music: Adrián García de los Ojos


Lady Godiva, ikusten ez dena, ez da (Lady Godiva, what you don't see isn't so)

Directed by: Garbi Losada

Written by: Garbi Losada and José Antonio Vitoria

Actors: Klara Mendizabal, Aitor Beltran and Asier Hernandez


Zutaz blai (Steeped in you)

Directed by: Mireia Gabilondo

Written by: Telmo Irureta,  Mireia Gabilondo

Actors: Telmo Irureta, Eneko Balerdi, Haritz Morras, Oskitz Gorrotxategi.
Image: David Bernués

Wardrobe: Ana Turrillas


Begirunea (Delicacy)

Directed by: Fernando Bernués

Written by: Fernando Bernués, inspired by a piece by Alfredo Sanzol

Actors: Sara Cozar / Iñaki Rikarte

Photographs: Juantxo Egaña

Wardrobe: Ana Turrillas

Stage design: Fernando Bernués


Día 24. 20:00 h.

Día 25. 20:00 h. 


from €6,50 to €18 /discounts

Applicable discounts:

Friends of the Arriaga: 25% to 35%

Loraldia. 35%

Groups, large families, under 30’s and over 65’s, people with a disability in excess of 33% and the unemployed: 25%.


60 min