Three individuals, intoxicated by dreams of space.

A training camp, half-way between a simulated science lab and a theme park. Temporarily turned into ersatz astronauts, the three go through their training as they reconsider the “conquest of space”. In a rudderless world, beset by “eco-anxiety”, they cling to the promise of becoming an interplanetary species. But until a Planet B is discovered… their tests continue back on Earth.

What future should we be preparing for? And how? What really underpins our desire to recreate our world on another planet? Looking at the stars… Is that the training that will help us catch sight of ourselves in the mirror?

The Horman Poster collective was created in 2010 out of a partnership between Matxalen de Pedro and Igor de Quadra. For the last ten years it has been producing and creating innovative and experimental stage work. The group has a strong commitment to local culture, and places the Basque language at the centre of its productions. Maite Aizpurua, Jon Ander Urresti and Xanti Agirrezabala have all joined the collective since 2019. Their first production as a group was “ANTIGONE edo ezetzaren beharra”, which won the Donostia Antzerki Saria 2022 and Ikuslegoaren saria Azpeitiko Antzerki Topaketak 2020 awards. Now they present this innovative space comedy: SOUVENIR, komedia extralurtarra.

Premiere, Teatro Arriaga.
Performance in Basque.

The team

Dramaturgy: Horman Poster Kolektiboa.
Text: Horman Poster Kolektiboa.
Director: Igor de Quadra.
Assistant Director: Jon Ander Urresti.
Cast: Matxalen de Pedro, Xanti Agirrezabala, Maite Aizpurua.
Set: Miriam Isasi.
Wardrobe: Alberto Etxebarrieta “Sinpatron”.
Lighting design: Arantza Flores.
Sound space: Asier Renteria.
In collaboration with: Teatro Arriaga Antzokia, Kulturaz, Garaion Sorgingunea, Kultura Kreatiboa, Hameka, D8 Sorkuntza, Harrobia y Eusko Jaurlaritza..


Day 10 - 19:30h.


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