Serlo o no

Where are we from? Who are we? What are we?

02 to 05 march 2017

Two neighbours often meet on the stair landing. What can happen when one of them discovers on the Internet that the other is a Jew? This is the starting point of this play which uses an incisive dialogue between its two characters and via an irresistible and extremely intelligent humour, leads us to question the most important issues of the human condition: the ethical, social and moral commitment to oneself, as well as to fellows and strangers; to language, culture, history… in short… Where are we from? Who are we? What are we?

Josep Maria Flotats presents this play by Jean-Claude Grumberg, the French playwright of international prestige (eight Molière awards, one César award), but curiously enough, it was never performed in Spain until Josep Maria Flotats successfully premiered it recently in Barcelona, in Catalan. Now this brilliant version in Spanish is here.

The team

Author: Jean-Claude Grumberg 

Playwright and Director: Josep Maria Flotats

Cast: Josep Maria Flotats and Arnau Puig

French Translation: Mauro Armiño

Stage Design: Alejandro Andújar

Lighting: Albert Faura (a.a.i.)

Musical Performance: Dani Espasa

Assistant Director: Pep Planas

Production Director: Fran Avila

Coproduction: Taller 75 and Teatre Lliure


March 2: 08:00 pm

March 3: 08:00 pm

March 4: 08:00 pm

March 5: 07:00 pm


from €8,50 to €25 /discounts

Applicable discounts:

Friends of the Arriaga: from 25% to 35%.

Groups, large families, under 30’s and over 65’s, people with a disability in excess of 33% and the unemployed: 25%.

Theatre professionals: 25%

Last Minute Discount: 50% (for the aforementioned groups, except Friends of the Arriaga)

Disabled people in a wheelchair: 50% (stalls in front of the stage and one companion)


1 hour 20 minutes