Mía is an indispensable woman, like so many others, in her day-to-day life at home. She fights against her torments while taking care of her mother, her father, her daughter and a “dissident” husband, but she is especially concerned about her son Branko, who suffers from an unnamed degenerative disease that causes loss of mobility. Today, Branko turns 25 and his “defective” (today we would say “dysfunctional”) family is preparing a party for him. It is what sparks conversation, with humour, simplicity and brutal sincerity, about everything that ever mattered, about what should always matter to us: memory, family, the passing of time, acceptance of what is different, youth, love, fear, loneliness, beauty, abandonment, madness, illness… life.

Mi hijo sólo camina un poco más lento is an extraordinary text and not a cliché. It has won numerous awards and has been staged in various countries. The family home is the diverse space in which an infinite number of situations occur, some funny, others cruel or poignant, and many difficult to classify.

The team

Author: Ivor Martinić
Director: Fernando Bernués
Cast: Miren Arrieta, Klara Badiola, Mireia Gabilondo, Asier Hernández, Ander Iruretagoiena, Xabi «Jabato» López, María Redondo, Martxelo Rubio, Jose Ramon Soroiz, Dorleta Urretabizkaia.
Assistant director: Vito Rogado.
Costumes: Ana Turrillas.
Illumination design: Xabier Lozano.
Technical Coordination: Acrónica Producciones.
Photography: Mikel Martinez.
Graphic design: Oier Zuniga.
Management: Maite Gorrotxategi.
Executive production: Ane Antonanzas.
Production: Nagore Plazaola, Paola Eguibar.
Distribution: Portal 71.


14 - 19:30. Premiere in Basque
15 - 19:00. Premiere in Spanish
16 - 19:00. Premiere in Spanish


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75 min.