Christina Rosenvinge, Marta Pazos, María Folguera

Tonight, with the help of the muses, we will try to understand the great poetess of Lesbos.

10 december 2022

Three leading creators of the contemporary Spanish stage bring us a musical, visual and scenic poem, a metatheatrical game that, between the past and the present, brings us closer to the figure of a poetess of classical antiquity. Marta Pazos directs the work; Christina Rosenvinge composes the musical themes of this production, performed live; and María Folguera has been in charge of the texts, inspired by Sappho’s poems.

In a garden in Lesbos, an island between East and West, the poet Sappho has summoned the Muses, protectors of art, to find out what will become of her name. The goddesses interrupt their game to take Sappho on a journey through time: from Ovid to the 21st century, from lost verses to a Christie’s auction. But we also get closer to the human Sappho, to the artist who played at weddings and sang of desire for different women. Sappho invented our way of understanding love. Tonight, at the hand of the Muses, we will try to understand her.

Safo is a scenic, musical and visual poem that explores the figure of the great poetess from Lesbos. Enigmatic and mysterious, she is an author revered and respected to this day, who composed more than ten thousand verses, of which, however, few complete poems and single verses have survived. In contrast to the glaring absence of her work, her legendary figure has only grown over time.

The team

Stage director: Marta Pazos
Music director: Christina Rosenvinge
Actors: Christina Rosenvinge, Irene Novoa, Xerach Peñate,Lucía Rey, Juliane Heinemann…
Dramaturgy: Christina Rosenvinge, Marta Pazos, María Folguera
Choreography: María Cabeza de Vaca
Texts: María Folguera (inspired by poems of Sappho)
Scenography: Marta Pazos
Lighting design: Nuno Meira
Costume design and characterisation: Pier Paolo Álvaro
Sound designer: Dany Richter

A co-production of the Festival Internacional de Teatro Clásico de Mérida, Teatre Romea and Grec Festival Barcelona 2022.
Original songs of: Christina Rosenvinge (inspired by poems of Sappho)


Day 10 - 19:00h.


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