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Text, direction and interpretation: Jesús Torres

A story that reflects on racism, homophobia, violence and masculinity.

05 may 2022

“If they opened my head, I’d find a boxing glove inside. That’s all I think about. I know that boxing is all that can save this gypsy”.

Puños de harina [Fists of Flour] reflects on racism, homophobia, violence and masculinity through two parallel stories featuring characters related to the world of boxing and gypsy culture: on the one hand, Johan Trollmann – Rukeli – a German fighter who challenged Hitler himself in Nazi Germany; on the other, Saúl, a young gypsy who fought for his identity in rural Spain in the 1980s. Both defend their race, their culture, and their sexual orientation in a vital battle against the prejudices of a society in which some men, feeling rejected, strive to fit into the ideal concept of "being real men".

Following other monologues such as La vida es sueño: el bululú or La Odisea, Jesús Torres and the company El Aedo stage this new one-man show, Puños de harina, which has received the Premio Teatroautor Expres 2019, awarded by the Fundación Sgae; and the Nazario Award for the Best Performance 2020 at the El Foc festival.

The team

Text, direction and interpretation: Jesús Torres
Voice-over: Eva Rodríguez, Antonio M.M., David Sánchez Calvo
Lighting design: Jesús Díaz Cortés
Digital scenography: Elvira Zurita
Scenography: Jesús Díaz Cortés, Jesús Torres
Costumes: Mario Pinilla
Soundscape and music: Alberto Granados Reguilón
Choreography: Mercé Grané
Production: El Aedo Teatro . With the support of Europa2020, AECID Programa Ventana, INAEM, Junta de Andalucía and Comunidad de Madrid


5 - 19:30h.


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