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by Idoia Merodio

Is there a line that separates us? Is there an "us" and "them"?

30 october 2024
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A chessboard. When you play a game, you engage in battle with your opponent. Each side has a set of pieces: eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, a queen, and a king. White against black. Black against white… and all the possible grays.

What is our true nature? Man, as a social being, seeks to establish boundaries of coexistence. One day, that boundary is crossed and something happens to your daughter.

It is precisely at that moment, when one shifts from being a spectator to being the protagonist of an event, that the border between the rational and the animal blurs. When white ceases to be white and black ceases to be black, and we do what we thought we were not capable of doing: Awakening that violence locked in the deepest undergrounds of our being. Because darkness also dwells within you.

The team

Authorship: Idoia Merodio.
Direction: Olatz Beobide.
Cast: Aitor Borobia, Alfonso Díez, Idoia Merodio.
Set Design: Gorka Mínguez.
Lighting: Arantza Heredia.
Costume Design: Zapatitos de Charol.
Production: TALITA tiene un plan.
Distribution: Teresa Sala.

Collaboration: Teatro Arriaga
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30/10/2024 7:30 PM


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