After its hit run in Madrid, one of the comedies of the season is coming to the Arriaga. A group of lifelong friends meet for dinner, someone has something to tell… One of them suggests a game: sharing their mobiles messages and calls during dinner. Does anyone have something to hide? Shall we play?

In 2016, the Italian director Paolo Genovese directed the film “Perfect Strangers” (Alex de la Iglesia made another version a year later) and now the story is coming to the theatre, staged by David Serrano and Daniel Guzmán.

The team

Autor: Paolo Genovese

Versión: David Serrano y Daniel Guzmán

Dirección: Daniel Guzmán

Intérpretes: Inge Martín, Antonio Pagudo, Fernando Soto, Elena Ballesteros, Jaime Zataraín, Olivia Molina, Ismael Fristchi

Escenografía y vestuario: Silvia de Marta

Diseño de luces: Jose Manuel Guerra

Productor ejecutivo: Jesús Cimarro

Productores: Jesús Cimarro, David Serrano, Daniel Guzmán, Luis Scalella y Guillermo Francella

Una producción de Pentación, Milonga y El Niño



11 – 7:30pm

12 – 7:30pm

13 – 7:30pm

14 – 6:30 h. y 9:0pm

15 – 7:00 h.

18 – 7:30pm

19 – 7:30pm

20 – 7:30pm

21 – 6:30 h. y 9:00 pm

22 – 7:00 pm


From € 9,50 to €25 /discounts

Friends of the Arriaga
11th and 12th 25% - 35% discount. Subsequent performances: maximum 25% discount.
Groups, young people, over 65s, job seekers, large families, people with a disability of more than 33%, and theatre professionals
11th and 12th: 25% discount. Subsequent performances 20% discount.
Wheelchair users: 50% (seated in a proscenium box seat with a companion)


110 min