Helena Tornero (based on the epic poem Paradise Lost by John Milton)

A tribute to the craft of comedy, so often demonised for its capacity for transgression.

25 march 2023
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The epic poem published by John Milton in 1667 tells the tragedy of the fall of man, but it also narrates the fall of Satan. Claimed by the Romantics as the true hero, Milton’s Satan symbolises the insurgent who rebels against the tyranny of heaven. Because before the fall of man is the story of the fallen angel. The story of a failed rebellion and its consequences, which will condition the destiny of man and woman. But are we like this because this is how our destiny was written or because our beliefs led us to write it that way?

As well as a celebration of the beauty of Milton’s language, this Paradise Lost is also a tribute to the craft of the comedian, so often vilified, demeaned and demonised for their fascinating capacity for transformation and transgression. Comedians were not allowed anywhere near cities, for fear that their profession could contaminate people of good faith. The fear of knowledge has ancient roots. “Is knowledge a sin,” said the serpent to the woman. And it was the woman who chose knowledge over ignorance. But…

The team

Playwrights: Helena Tornero y Andrés Lima
Director: Andrés Lima
Actors: Pere Arquillué, Cristina Plazas, Lucía Juárez, Rubén de Eguia, Elena Tarrats y Laura Font
Scenography and costume design: Beatriz San Juan
Lighting design: Valentín Álvarez (AAI)
Original music and Soundscape: Jaume Manresa
Characterisation: Cécile Kretschmar
Video creation and post-production: Miquel Àngel Raió
Set construction: Pascualín Estructures
Costume production: Goretti Puente
A production of the Teatre Romea, Grec 2022 Festival de Barcelona and Centro Dramático Nacional.


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100 min.