Three friends. The first urgently needs a pancreas transplant.

26 to 29 november 2015

Patxo Telleria, an actor and author from Bilbao, presents his latest play: “Páncreas: una comedia contemporánea en verso”.

“Three friends. The first urgently needs a pancreas transplant. The second plans to commit suicide in the near future to dodge old age and decrepitude. The third brings them together to suggest that the second friend commits suicide right away and donates his pancreas to the first friend. From then on, events start to unfurl, obeying an axiom of modern physics: everything that can happen, no matter how strange it might seem, sooner or later ends up happening”.

Páncreas, which opened last season at this same theatre performed in Basque, is now back with a different cast and director to premiere its Spanish language version… written in verse!

The Arriaga is taking part in the Fair Saturday initiative.

A percentage of the takings for the performance of “Páncreas” on the 28th will be donated to Médicos del Mundo.

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The team

Páncreas. Patxo Telleria
Director: Juan Carlos Rubio
Stage Design: José Luis Raymond
Lighting: José Manuel Guerra
Wardrobe: María Luisa Engel
Original score: Miguel Linares

Cast (in alphabetical order): Alfonso Lara (Javilo), Fernando Cayo (César) and Santiago Ramos (Raúl)

Co producers: Concha Busto Producción y Distribución and Centro Dramático Nacional


Día 26: 20:00 h.
Día 27: 20:00 h.
Día 28: 20:00 h.
Día 29: 19:00 h.


from €8,50 to €25 / Discounts


1 hour 20 minutes