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There will be gales and storms, but the challenge is to continue imagining, even when there is no port in sight.

17 october 2022
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Olatu arteko txalupa arraroa.
These are the songs of a long journey, or rather the songs are the journey.

Almost ten years ago in Havana, Joseba Sarrionandia wrote a dozen texts which, from hand to hand, accomplice to accomplice, crossed the Atlantic and reached Euskal Herria, aided by the emotion between those who share a secret. Among them was Amaia Apaolaza, who left a void. The texts came into our hands, and we turned them into songs. Born in Havana and developed in the Basque Country, these songs imbibe tobacco, wine and cinnamon.

Now that the years have passed and things have changed, comrade, the frozen writer is in the Basque Country, and we take hold of these songs again.

What would it be like to bring the lyrics and the song closer together?
What is the story behind each text? What happened to the cat?
What does Ana remember?
Where are the bank robbers?
Do you know the great and wonderful secret?
Who are the normal people, who are the abnormal people?
What happened at the stable at Bethlehem?
Where is our freedom?
What is life, what is love, what is death?
Whose fault is it?

Is there a port in sight? We do not see it, but we imagine it. We imagine it and we row in that direction.

I don’t know where we will end up. I know there will be doubts along the way, that at times everything will seem clear, and at other times dark. There will be gales and storms, but the challenge is to keep imagining even when there is no port in sight.

The team

Triki and voice: Ines Osinaga.
Texts: Joseba Sarrionandia.


Day 17 - 19:30h.


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