Missa Solemnis in re major, Op. 123, by Ludwig van Beethoven

A masterpiece by Beethoven, which has been inspiring listeners and musicians for centuries with its beauty and emotional power.

21 june 2025
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The Bilbao Symphony Orchestra and the Bilbao Choral Society come together under the baton of Maestro Erik Nielsen to present this monumental masterpiece. Although composed for Christian liturgy, the work transcends the religious to address universal themes of humanity and redemption. Throughout the piece, Beethoven explores a wide range of emotions, from solemnity and contemplation to exaltation and celebration, giving it an extraordinary emotional depth. There are passages that are absolutely challenging for the performers, with the tension of sustained notes in the choir, dynamic and thematic contrasts, and the virtuosity of the orchestral writing… all of which make the Missa Solemnis continue to be a benchmark in symphonic music, inspiring listeners and musicians with its beauty and emotional power throughout the centuries.

The team

Musical Direction: Erik Nielsen.
Performers: Vanessa Goikoetxea, Nerea Berraondo, Michael Porter, David Menéndez.
Orchestra: Bilbao Symphony Orchestra (BOS).
Coral Society of Bilbao
Director: Enrique Azurza.
Orfeón Pamplona
Director: Igor Ijurra.
Production: Arriaga Theater.


21/06/2025 7:00 PM


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