Miss Karaoke

What is she going to sing at the Big Event and in which language?

23 october 2017

Miss Karaoke has been hired to sing a song and she is starting to feel nervous. What is she going to sing at the Big Event? Which language is she going to sing in? Will she sing for the minoritised minorities, for the minoritised majorities, for the majoritised minorities or for the majoritised majorities?

The text of Miss Karaoke has been written by Oier Guillan for the DSS2016 “New Playwrights/Antzerkigintza berriak” project. This is a production by the Principal Theatre in Vitoria-Gasteiz, with the participation of the Arriaga Theatre in Bilbao and the Victoria Eugenia Theatre in Donostia-San Sebastian.

Performance in Basque.

The team

Author: Oier Guillan

Cast: Javier Fernández, Unai Lopez de Armentia, Marina Suarez Ortiz de Zarate, Iñaki Ziarrusta

Playwright: Metrokoadroka eta aktore taldea

Artistic Director: Oier Guillan, Javi Barandiaran and Metrokoadroka