by José María del Castillo

What if the events were narrated by Medusa herself? Would everything be the same?

06 to 08 june 2025
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Medusa, the feared monster of antiquity with snake-like hair and a petrifying gaze for anyone who dared to look at her, is decapitated by the hero Perseus, who delivers the Gorgon’s head to the goddess Athena as a symbol of Victory. This is how the story has always been told, but… What if the events were narrated by Medusa herself? Would everything be the same?

We reformulate the classic myth of Medusa to delve into induced social thinking, appearances, fear of the different, and the value of integrity in a society that has not changed much despite the passing of centuries. Through humor and tragedy, music, voice, movement, and the plasticity of a multidisciplinary staging, we will tell the myth from the perspective of the vanquished, the anti-hero, thus revealing the other side of every coin, which retains its value no matter which side you look at. A biting, ironic, tragic, sometimes funny, forceful, and revealing staging to overturn the established order. The value of what should be silenced, but which screams a truth that wants to be heard. The truth of Medusa, The Gorgon.

The team

Text and Direction: José María del Castillo.
Cast: Victoria Abril, Adrián Lastra, Ruth Lorenzo, Mariola Fuentes, Elisabet Biosca, Peter James, Joaquín Fernández, Roberto Provenzano, Eduardo Rey, Manuel Duarte.
Set Design: Mónica Boromello.
Lighting Design: Felipe Ramos.
Costume Design: Pier Paolo Álvaro.
Music Composition: Alejandro Cruz Benavides.
Choreography: Aleix Mañé.
Makeup and Hairstyling Design: Chema Noci.
Choir Direction: Amaya Añúa.
Chamber Choir of Extremadura.

A co-production of the International Classical Theater Festival of Mérida, Pentación Espectáculos, and Coribante Producciones.


6/06/2025 7:30 PM
7/06/2025 7:00 PM
8/06/2025 7:00 PM


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