A contemporary dance show and musical with visual effects, deconstructing female stereotypes

21 February 2019

Men should not turn a blind eye as women keep fighting and enduring.’ This is the starting point for Basque dancer and choreographer Mikel del Valle to rethink female stereotypes. Based on the story of St Agatha, the patron saint of Sicily and a virgin martyr highly venerated in the Basque Country, the show revisits the stereotypes she embodies and relates them to the taboo of breast removal in cancer treatment. Roles, pain, disease, strength, suffering, courage, society…

Mikel del Valle and his dance company, MDV Danza, offer a performance by men and women together that involves contemporary dance, visual arts and vocals, using the latest stage technology, original music and the voice of the soprano Miren de Miguel, plus texts in Basque.

The team

Director and choreographer: Mikel del Valle

Scenography: Ricardo Sânchez Cuerda

Music: Julio D'escrivan

Text and Voice: Miren de Miguel

Wardrove: Marta Otazu

Visuals: Mauri Martín Marin

Ligthing: Serri Yurrebaso

Dancers: Paloma Calderón, Jose Ruiz, Claudia Bosch, Daniel Martínez, Laura García, Mikel del Valle




rom €8,50 to €25 /discounts

Friends of the Arriaga: from 25 to 35%
Groups, young people, over 65s, the unemployed, large families and people with disabilities in excess of 33%: 25%
Dance Professionals: 25%
Last minute discount (for the previous groups, except Friends of the Arriaga): 50%
Last minute discount for Young Friend of the Arriaga: 70%
Disabled persons in a wheelchair: 50% (in the proscenium, balcony and a companion)


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