A mother, a daughter, three possible fathers and a wedding that you will never forget.

From 15 august to 10 september 2016

A mother, a daughter, three possible fathers and a wedding that you will never forget.

With a magnificent cast, led by Nina, MAMMA MIA! will be on stage at the Arriaga Theatre in Bilbao from 15 August to 10 September.

MAMMA MIA! is an authentic injection of positive energy that has become a worldwide hit which will have you dancing, singing and laughing whilst travelling to the optimistic and heart-warming side of life.

This musical based on the catchy and unforgettable ABBA songs has already captivated over 54 million spectators all over the world and has been performed in 440 cities. Having spent 16 uninterrupted years on the billboard, it will continue to be a huge hit in London’s West End.
How can you miss it?

The team

Nina, Eva Diago, Olga Hueso, Nando González, Albert Muntanyola, Paul Berrondo, Carlos Solano, Clara Altarribia:

The cast of Mamma Mía! round it off:
Elia Corral, Ana Coll, Cisco Lara, Jony Varo, Laura Salvador, Fabricio Viera, Laura Enrech, Felipe Forasteiri, Ariadna Comas, Arnau Gol, Gustavo Nuñez, Zuhait, Lydia Fairen, Raúl Martín, Angie Alcázar Martínez, Talia del Val, Felipe Ansola, Inma Mira, Joseph Vila, Àngels Jiménez, Ernesto Santos, Mamen Márquez.


For artistic reasons, the cast line-up might undergo changes and/or substitutions.


Music composed by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus , with the collaboration of Stig Anderson

Original Producer: Judy Craymer, Richard East
Libretto: Catherine Johnson:
Production Designer: Mark Thompson:
Lighting Designer: Howard Harrison
Sound Designer: Andrew Bruce y Bobby Aitken
Musical Supervisor, Additional Material and Arrangements: Martin Koch
Choreographer: Anthony Van Laast
Director: Phyllida Lloyd
Associate Stage Designer:Jonathan Allen:
Associate Wardrobe Designer: Lucy Gaiger
Associate Lighting Designer: Pia Virolainen:
Associate Musical Supervisor: Poti Martin
Associate Choreographer: Nichola Treherne
Associate International Director: Paul Garrington:
Resident Director: Daniel Anglés



15: 07:30 pm
16: 07:30 pm
17: 07:30 pm
18: 08:00 pm
19: 05:30 and 09:30 pm
21: 07:00 pm
22: 07:30 pm
23: 07:30 pm
24: 07:30 pm
25: 07:30 pm
26: 07:30 pm
27: 05:30 and 09:30 pm
28: 07:00 pm
30: 08:00 pm
31: 08:00 pm


 01: 08:00 pm
 02: 05:30 and 09:30 pm
 03: 05:30 and 09:30 pm
 04: 05:00, 08:30 pm
06: 08:00 pm
 07: 08:00 pm
 08: 08:00 pm
 09: 05:30 and 09:30 pm
 10: 05:30 and 09:30 pm


from €18 to €65 / discounts


2 hours 45 minutes with interval