Mama Creates: Creative family experiences in April

The extraordinary reception that an educational project like “Mama Creates” received in 2013 has prompted us to offer it once again. At the time we said:

“The Arriaga Theatre wants to offer a new experience in the cosy space of what is known as the multi-purpose room.
It is a workshop that has been created with the idea of bringing together different generations in the same creative and artistic process. We are used to seeing courses for children and courses for adults, we are used to parents taking their children to school and that it is there that the child carries out his educational, fun and in some cases artistic activities, keeping other places for adults to do their various activities. But… what would happen if children participated in the same creative process with their parents and grandparents?

The sessions are given by two performing and creative arts professionals. Each session features a mixture of drama, dance, plastic arts and architecture. The sessions may be attended by fathers and mothers, boys and girls, uncles and aunts, grandfathers and grandmothers as well as single people, of ages ranging between 0 and 103 years old”.

23 April. Performing arts and pot farming:
Mama crea with Noelia Díaz

24 April. Performing arts and music:
Mama Crea with Itziar Madariaga

Maximum 30 people per session
Age group: 0 – 103 years
Venue: Multi-purpose room

The team



Saturdays: 11am, 4pm and 5.30pm
Sundays: 11am and 12.30am




1 hour and 15 minutes