Los visitantes

A talk show with live music, a kind of antidote to talk shows, orchestrated for reflection and to entertain the audience

02 to 04 february 2018

Why are the Visitors coming? Six eminent artists from different cultural arenas are getting together on a kind of roof terrace to eat and drink: actors, musicians, thinkers, writers, poets… they will all share with the audience their perspectives on chosen subjects. Reflections and dialogues that are open to diverse opinions, with room for humour and music.

Los Visitantes, staged at the Arriaga, will feature: the actor and singer Asier Etxeandia, the Italian musician Enrico Barbaro, and the French writer Valerie Tasso, among others. Always guided by the emcee and host Arrate Etxeberria

The team

Script: Unai Garate and Na Gomes

Director: Unai Garate


Arrate Etxeberria (actress) as emcee.

The Visitors: Asier Etxeandia (actor and singer), Enrico Barbaro (musician), Valerie Tasso (writer and sexologist) plus two additional guests at each show.

Stage and wardrobe design: Azegiñe Urigoitia

Lighting: Oier Ituarte

Sound: Ernesto Maestro

Production: Khea Ziater


February 2 and 3: 08.00pm

February 4: 07.00pm


from €8,50 to €24 /discounts

Friends of Arriaga: 25%


90 minutes