Pablo Remón

Satire and reflection on success, failure and the roles we play, in and out of fiction.

01 to 03 december 2022

farsante, farsanta
1. adj. colloq. One who pretends what he is not or does not feel.
2. m. and f. dessus. Theatre actor, especially of comedies.

Los farsantes tells the story of two characters related to the world of cinema and theatre. Ana Velasco is an actress whose career is going nowhere. After performing in small productions of classical plays, she now works as a Pilates teacher and at weekends in children’s theatre. Between TV soap operas and alternative plays, Ana is looking for the key role that will finally make her a success. Diego Fontana is a highly successful director of commercial films who is now embarking on a big production: a series to be filmed all over the world, with international stars. An accident causes him to confront a personal crisis and rethink his career. These two characters are connected by Ana’s father, Eusebio Velasco, a cult film director in the 80’s, who now lives in obscurity.

Ana’s story is eminently cinematic in style. Diego’s story is a more classical play, performed in more realistic spaces. And finally there is, by way of a break or parenthesis, an autofiction in which the author of the play we are watching defends himself against accusations of plagiarism. The intention is for “Los farsantes” to be an eminently theatrical narration, but with novelistic and cinematographic aspirations.

In this comedy only four actors travel through dozens of characters, spaces and times. A satire on the world of theatre and audio-visuals, as well as a reflection on success, failure and the roles we play, in and out of fiction.

The team

Direction: Pablo Remón
Scripts: Pablo Remón (with the collaboration of Violeta Canals)
Actors: Javier Cámara, Francesco Carril, Marina Salas, Nuria Mencía
Scenography: Mónica Boromello
Lighting: David Picazo
Costume design: Ana López Cobos
Costume production: Pinelly
Milliner: Betto García
Decoration: María Calderón
Sound designer: Sandra Vicente
Coproduction: Centro Dramático Nacional y Buxman Producciones


Day 1 - 19:30h.

Day 2 - 19:30h.

Day 3 - 19:00h.


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150 min.