Los asquerosos

There, despite having practically nothing, Manuel almost touches happiness. But...

10 to 12 december 2020

He has wounded a policeman and fled, taking refuge in his uncle’s house. Unaware of the extent of the injury his uncle advises him to disappear: whatever the gravity, he will be found and will spend a long time in prison. Manuel hides away in a lost village, which they both decide to call Zarzahuriel. There, despite having almost nothing and somehow surviving, Manuel discovers this “hip” life and almost touches happiness. But an urban family, the Mochufas, as he calls them, decides to savour country living and acquires another of the abandoned houses in Zarzahuriel. This unexpected proximity will spoil his paradise.

The theatrical adaptation of Santiago Lorenzo’s novel captures the whole adventure through the eyes of the two men, Manuel and his uncle. Each one, from his own space, goes through the different stages of Manuel’s life, separated by distance but united on stage as if they were in the same place. And here is where Santiago Lorenzo’s radical and unclassifiable Spanish makes an appearance, giving the story a sense of humour that is simply different from what we know.

The team

Author: Santiago Lorenzo.
Direction: David Serrano.
Dramaturgy: Jordi Galceran, Jaume Buixó.
Cast: Miguel Rellán, Secun de la Rosa.
Soundscape and costume design: Alessio Meloni.
Lighting design: Juan Gómez-Cornejo, Pilar Valdelvira.
Original music composition: Miguel Malla.
Production: Octubre Producciones, Teatro Español.


Day 10 - 19:00h.
Day 11 - 19:00h.
Day 12 - 19:00h.


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100 min.