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By Javier Liñera

Smiles and tears. Anger and Reparation. The celebration of the struggle of a gay man who was imprisoned.

15 january 2025
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A journey. A journey through the life of the protagonist, as well as through the life of his gay uncle. A story within another story. The tale of a man who, for being gay, was first confined in a concentration camp and later in prison. The narration of two past realities: Hitler’s Europe, Franco’s Spain.

A few years ago, we were able to see “Barro rojo,” the play in Spanish, a piece that was nominated for the Max Awards in the category of Best Emerging Authorship. Additionally, it won awards such as Best Show at the Indifest 2026 Festival and the Urrezko Hiruki Saria 2016 (Ehgam).

The team

Text: Javier Liñera.
Direction: Javier Liñera, based on ideas from Daniela Molina and Linda Wise.
Translation: Idoia Barrondo.
Interpreter: Aitor Pérez.
Lighting Design: Patxi Pascual.
Sound Technician: Javier Liñera Set Design: Oskar García / José Manuel Placeres.
Music: Ismael Merino / Pierre-François Blanchard.
Images: Laurent Leger Adame.
Production: Ékoma Teatro, Javier Liñera.


15/01/2025 7:30 PM Function in Basque


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