Compañía de circo contemporáneo de Canadá

One of the most prestigious circus groups in the world performs a masterful and entertaining an ode to travel.

21 to 23 january 2022

Let’s board the imaginary train of the famous Canadian company Les 7 Doigts. The prestigious “The 7 Fingers of the Hand”, renamed a few years ago as “The 7 Fingers”, performs an ode to travel that strikes the exact balance between virtuosity and fragility, humour and emotion.

Passagers is a spectacular road-movie, with suitcases and backpacks, people jostling, running in all directions, unseeingly rubbing shoulders. Rocked by the incessant sway of the carriage, the compartment transforms into different scenes from the life of each of the passengers, allowing the disciplines to unfold. The performances compete with each other in terms of inventiveness, with the use of unusual apparatus like the Russian cradle. The eight acrobats excel on the more familiar apparatus, using the hula-hoop, juggling clubs, trapeze bar, Chinese mat and aerial silks, giving a new and original look to their forte.

Shana Carroll, who excels in choreographic design, has created magnificent frames combining dance, song and acrobatics, at the service of more than ten circus disciplines. A true spectacle magnified both by projections of natural or industrial landscapes and themes specially composed by Colin Gagné. Drawn by fear and fascination, we follow the artists as they launch themselves into dangerous but masterful feats.

The team

Written, directed and choreographed by: Shana Carroll
Assisted by: Isabelle Chassé
Coproduction: TOHU (Montreal, Canada), ArtsEmerson (Boston, USA)
Cast: Louis Joyal, Anna Kichtchenko, Pablo Pramparo, Samuel Renaud, Paquin Guillaume, William Underwood, Sabine Van Rensburg, Marilou Verschelden
Scenography: Ana Cappelluto
Musical director: Colin Gagné
Video designer: Johnny Ranger
Lighting designer: Éric Champoux
Costume designer: Camille Thibault-Bédard
Head coach: Francisco Cruz
Texts: Shana Carroll
Text, Einstein’s train: Conor Wild
Music, lyrics, sound design and arrangements: Colin Gagné
In collaboration with: Jean-Sébastien Leblanc, Boogát, Freyja Wild, Jérôme Guilleaume.
Opening, «Tight Wire» and Epiloque music based on a theme composed by Raphael Cruz.


21 - 19:30
22 - 19:00
23 - 19:00


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75 min.