Our protagonists have been stumbling over the same stones, making the same mistakes for years, centuries even. Mistakes mostly caused by laws created by men. The goddess Nemesis, tired of witnessing this injustice, decides to enchant the women to unite and become aware. Led by Praxagora, they must together steal men’s clothing and infiltrate the assembly to change the established laws to ones that are fairer and more egalitarian.

But they only have the time of one night to cross the great forest that leads to the hill where the assembly is held as the day breaks. And the darkness of the path is full of dangers and mirrors in which they will see their own lives reflected. Confronting themselves and their fears, they must decide which laws will truly bring about change at last, once and for all. These assemblywomen will make us reflect through laughter on our role in society, forcing us to get involved and take sides whether we want to or not.

The team

Dramaturgy and direction: José Troncoso.
Performers: Sílvia Abril, Gabriela Flores, Olga Hueso, Pepa Rus, Maribel Salas, Pepa Zaragoza.
Assistant Director: Jesús Lavi.
Set Design: Alessio Meloni.
Costume Design: Pier Paolo Alvaro.
Lighting Design: Juan Gómez Cornejo.
Music: Mariano Marín.
Choreography: Nuria Legarda.
Makeup and Hair Design: Chema Noci.
Production: Rosa Domingo.
Distribution: Pentación Espectáculos.

A co-production of the International Classical Theatre Festival of Mérida and El Terrat


20/09/2024 7:30 PM
21/09/2024 7:00 PM
22/09/2024 7:00 PM


13-26€ /discounts

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90 min.