By Josi Alvarado

A hymn to forgiveness, friendship and motherhood.

27 to 29 january 2022

Rosa, a young violinist who believes she sees Liszt and other deceased composers who help her play the violin, grows up in the heart of the SanFran district. La Tarara, a prostitute who works the streets, accompanies her in the struggle against her phantoms. The adult Rose and the child Rose are entwined in a coming and going of memories that linger over a secret barely perceived: fire, ashes and oblivion, which spread like a protective cloak. Until some love letters found in a drawer rescue the broken memory of a girl abounding with so much music and beauty that there is no room for fear.

This play by the author Josi Alvarado from Alicante won the I Premio SGAE de Teatro ‘Ana Diosdado’ 2019. With great sensitivity and elegance, the text goes far beyond what is written, capable of transmitting music through silences that resound emotion. It is a text with the vocation of a thriller dazed by the tremor of poetry. La Tarara is the untold story of so many children, an initiatory and addictive journey into the depths of the flesh. It is a tale about forgiveness, a hymn to differences in which Little Red Riding Hood finally plays the violin to the wolves.

The team

Author: Josi Alvarado
Basque translation: Arantxa Iturbe
LA TARARA (in spanish): Itziar Ituño, Kepa Errasti, Sandra Ferrús, Jurdana Ochoa, Jose Cruz Gurrutxaga, Adrián García de los Ojos.
TARARA (en basque): Eneritz Artetxe, Kepa Errasti, Tania Fornieles, Jurdana Ochoa, Jose Cruz Gurrutxaga, Adrián García de los Ojos.
Direction and dramaturgy: Agurtzane Intxaurraga
Assistant director: Miren Gojenola
Scenography and costumes: Ikerne Giménez
Realization of scenery: Readest Decorados, Sfumato Pintura Escénica
Stage Design Assistant: María José Villela
Costume making: KKUM Inma Gómez
Costume setting: Taller María Calderón
Puppet: (to be decided)
Musical arrangement: Adrián García de los Ojos & Jurdana Ochoa
Musical bases: Iñaki Diéguez
Songs: “Bilbainadas” Patxi González
Lighting: Xabier Lozano
Graphics: Santos Bregaña. Laia
Production manager: HIKA Teatroa
Executive producer: Xabier Mujika
Technical team: Acrónica producciones
Distribution: HIKA Teatroa (Teresa Sala). GNP Producciones


27 - 19:30. Basque
28 - 19:30. Spanish premiere
29 - 19:00. Spanish


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95 min.