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Khea Ziater

Today is no ordinary day. Something amazing is going to happen today.

02 to 04 february 2024

This is a new show from the Khea Ziater company, taking a further step in their search for codes to relate theatre and cinema, both aesthetically and narratively. La sed del minotauro tells of anti-heroes, distressed and somewhat desperate individuals who face their fear of losing their battle for happiness. It tells of resilient men and women, with big hearts, through the luminous force that emerges when they meet. The idea is to construct a beautiful collision between intersecting stories, a transformation event: between the time of an imminent shipwreck, and the magical moment of a rescue.

It all takes place in a small café-bar close to the station in a cold location; a few tables, windows looking into the street or at least giving a glimpse of the feet of passers-by, enough counter space for the regulars, a piano and a jukebox…At the back, there’s a small storeroom and a door to the restroom. Customers come in and out of the door, searching for love and fleeing from the world which barely notices them, an unfair world, distant and a little hostile with our loved ones. However, today is no ordinary day. Something amazing is going to happen today.

The team

Dramatist and director: Alex Gerediaga.
Cast: Jon Ander Urresti, Ainhoa Artetxe, Leire Ucha, Arrate Etxeberria, Txubio Fdez. de Jaúregui.
Text: Jon Gerediaga, Alex Gerediaga.

Staging and costume: Azegiñe Urigoitia.
Lighting: Oier Ituarte.
Space and projections: Javi Andraka.
Photography: Son Aoujil.
Videos: Jesus Pueyo.
Production assistants: Graciela Doniz and Leire Ucha.
Production and distribution: Khea Ziater.
Working with: Arriaga Theatre.

Première at Arriaga Theatre.


Day 2 – 19:30 h. Basque and spanish performance
Days 3 and 4 – 19:00 h. Spanish performance


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80 min.