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La maniobra Heimlich (Vomitando los 80)

Four actors meet up for dinner in one of their old haunts, and talk about the good-old days and present reality

09 december 2020

After many years, four friends who are actors meet up to have dinner. They are joined by the daughter of one of them, whom they have all known since she was a child. One of the friends manages to get the keys to a closed-down rehearsal room where they used to practise as youngsters. Making the place a bit more presentable, he himself prepares dinner for everyone. It will be fun to have dinner there, he thinks: like a trip back in time to the years 1980-1996, an opportunity to recall the best anecdotes and revisit the music, the feeling of revolution in the air, the break from the previous regime and, in short, the vitality of some young people doing live theatre in those turbulent but exhilarating years.

Between one course and another, the decline that each one brings is revealed: CARLOS is successful, but has no ideas (political or otherwise); ESTHER sells performances she doesn’t create (or believe in); JONAN is lost in an arborist sect (he explains this); IÑAKO has a lawsuit pending for insulting religious beliefs, and searches the internet for information on degenerative diseases (for something he’s going to set up, he says).

What will the youngest person at the reunion have to say to all this? How did ARGI experience that “intriguing” time as a child? It’ll be fun, won’t it? Ha. Ha.

The team

Director: Pako Revueltas.
Dramaturg and Assistant director: Angel Mirou.
Actors: Ramón Ibarra, Enriqueta Vega, Javier Barandiaran, Na Gomes, Ainhoa Artetxe.
Production: Mama Crea S.L..


Day 9 - 19:00h.


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80 min.