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Pio Baroja

Improved and endorsed by the excellent reviews received during the tour, *The Struggle* returns home for its final performance.

12 april 2025
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The Arriaga Theatre premiered its own production *La lucha por la vida* in February 2023, this time co-produced with Teatro Español in Madrid. Now, after a successful tour receiving excellent reviews, it returns home for one final performance. Thanks to the adjustments made by its director, Ramón Barea, and the play’s evolution throughout the tour, it arrives in Bilbao in superb form, like a perfectly crafted theatrical piece.

The staging of *La lucha por la vida* has Brechtian overtones, reflecting Baroja’s progressive ideas. It blends non-naturalistic styles: vaudevillian, zarzuela, melodrama, and grotesque elements are used to analyze the characters and their journeys with sufficient detachment. The play employs a cinematic rhythm for a theatrical narrative that avoids being simplistic, refusing to let us empathize with the hero, who is neither exemplary nor master of his fate, making decisions that are not always politically correct. The audience is challenged to actively observe the characters, as the performance is filled with a multitude of beings in a dynamic play of actors. Ten performers portray nearly 100 characters. Step right up and see… because it’s the last chance!

The team

Adaptation: José Ramón Fernández.
Direction: Ramón Barea.
Cast: Ramón Barea, Aitor Fernandino, Olatz Ganboa, Ione Irazabal, Itziar Lazkano, Sandra Ortueta, Alfonso Torregrosa, Leire Ormazabal, Diego Pérez, Arnatz Puertas.
Set Design: Jose Ibarrola.
Lighting: David Alcorta.
Costumes: Betitxe Saitua.
Sound Design: Adrián García de los Ojos.
Audiovisuals: Ibon Aguirre.
Props: María Casanueva.
Assistant Director: Nagore Navarro.
Production Coordinator: Leire Orbe.
Tour Production and Stage Management: Eider Zaballa.
Production: Arriaga Theatre.
In co-production with: Teatro Español.


12/04/2025 7:00 PM


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