Music and Words: JERRY HERMAN - Libretto: HARVEY FIERSTEIN.

The great Broadway musical comedy, a hymn to individual and collective liberty.

From 18 august to 11 september 2022

Arriaga Theatre once again offers a great musical show this summer. La Jaula de las Locas, a production by Nostromo Live, is directed by Àngel Llàcer and Manu Guix and choreographed by Miryam Benedited. The show features a cast of 24 artists and musicians, and stars Angel Llácer and Ivan Labanda, who play the role of Zaza. The amusing and ironic tone of the plot makes the musical an ideal comedy for all audiences, which has been applauded by millions of people all over the world.

La Jaula de las Locas (La Cage aux folles) is originally a play written by and starring the French playwright Jean Poiret, which premiered in Paris in 1973. As a play, it ran for over 15 consecutive years with 2,000 performances.

This new staging is based on Jerry Herman and Harvey Fierstein’s large-scale musical version, which opened on Broadway in 1983 and won six Tony Awards, and takes its cue from the 2010 Broadway revival version, winner of three Tony Awards and three Drama Desk Awards. La Jaula de las Locas is a particularly important show in the history of the genre, which has had a decisive influence on the style and way socially sensitive themes are brought to the stage openly and optimistically.

La Jaula de las Locas became the first musical in Broadway history to surpass 1,000 performances. After its success on Broadway, La Cage aux folles came to the West End, as well as Berlin, and the rest of the world. It is one of the most popular musicals in history and has had multiple successful film adaptations.

Bold staging, stunning choreography, exuberant costume design and a universal theme make it one of the most acclaimed musicals in history.


The peaceful life of Albin and Georges, owners of the nightclub La Cage aux Folles in Saint Tropez, is completely disrupted by unexpected news. Jean Michel, Georges’ son, is to marry the daughter of an ultra-conservative member of parliament, a staunch defender of the most traditional values in family life. The explosive encounter between two very different families unleashes a hilarious comedy full of love and delirious situations.

La Jaula de las Locas is a great hymn to individual and collective freedom. Its message is powerful and necessary in these times in which all kinds of social freedoms that, until very recently, were considered fully consolidated are once again being questioned. It does this through a universal theme: the courage to swim against the tide in a world that imposes standard guidelines and behaviour on everyone. Each performance transforms “La Jaula” into a party, a celebration of the joys of life that you know how it begins, but never how it ends!

Recommended minimum age: 12 years

The team

Production: NostromoLive.
Direction: Ángel Llàcer and Manu Guix.
Satras by Ángel Llàcer / Ivan Labanda who play the role of Zaza.
With a cast of 24 live artists and 8 musicians.



8 - 19:30.
19 - 17:00 and 21:00.
21 - 18:00 .
22 - 19:30.
23 - 19:30.
24 - 19:30.
25 - 19:30.
26 - 19:30.
27 - 17:00 and 21:00.
28 - 18:00.
30 - 19:30.
31 - 19:30.


1 - 19:30.
2 - 18:00 and 21:45.
3 - 18:00 and 21:45.
4 - 17:00 and 20:40.
6 - 19:30.
7 - 19:30.
8 - 19:30.
9 - 18:00 and 21:45.
10 - 18:00 and 21:45.
11 - 17:00 and 20:45.


From 20 to 59€ /discounts

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50% DISCOUNT (in proscenium balcony and one accompanying person)


140 min. rest included