La golondrina

Love or hate? Our world depends on the direction that we take

11 to 15 december 2019

The stage at the Arriaga looks forward to welcoming the great Carmen Maura who, appearing alongside Félix Gómez, will be performing in a play that examines the following premise: “What makes us human?” For Amelia (Carmen Maura), a mother who has been wounded deep in her soul, what makes us human is our ability to feel the pain of others as if it were our own. That sets us apart from the beasts.

When Amelia and Ramon (Dafnis Balduz) meet, they can choose to: inflict even greater damage on themselves or recognise themselves in the pain of the other so as not to let the beasts win. In the face of an indiscriminate attack we are all victims and we face the same crossroads: love or hate? Our world depends on the direction that we take.

The team

Text: Guillem Clua

Director: Josep Maria Mestres

Cast: Carmen Maura, Dafnis Balduz

Lighting design: Juan Gómez Cornejo

Stage design: Alessio Meloni

Wardrobe: Tatiana Hernández

Music: Iñaki Salvador

Assistant director: David Blanco

Communication: Pepa Rebollo

Production director: Miguel Cuerdo

Production: La Zona


11,12,13 & 14: 7.30 pm

15: 8:00 pm


From €9,50 to €25 /discounts

Friends of the Arriaga: 25% discount.
Groups, young people, over 65s, job seekers, large families, and people with a disability of more than 33%: 20% discount.
Theatre professionals: 20% discount.
Wheelchair users: 50% discount (seated in the proscenium box with a companion)


1 hour 20 minutes