by William Shakespeare

What is Truth? What is the origin of everything that we agree to call “real”?

02 to 07 april 2024

What is Truth? What is the origin of everything that we agree to call “real”? Where do the foundations of correct answers lie?

Dear audience, could it be that error is the answer to all these questions? Where would truth and correctness be without error? Would they even exist as such? Truth and correctness owe their existence to falseness and error, as these qualities would be worthless if their opposite did not exist. Real and correct are always so flat and boring, don’t you think?

In The Comedy of Errors, we begin with a death sentence, and everything becomes a celebration by mistake. By mistake, we change partners believing that we are doing the right thing and by mistake we end up in prison believing that we are honest. We learn from our mistakes, but it is a mistake to think so if we aspire to never make mistakes. Would that Aeschylus, Shakespeare and Mikis Theodorakis come with us on this journey and that you, dear audience, enjoy the celebration.

The team

Cast: Pepón Nieto, Antonio Pagudo, Fernando Soto, Rulo Pardo, Avelino Piedad, Esteban Garrido.
Version: Albert Boronat.
Director: Andrés Lima.
Assistant director: Laura Ortega.
Set design: Beatriz San Juan.
Costume design: Paola Torres.
Lighting design: Pedro Yagüe.
Sound: Sergio Sanchez Bou.
A joint production between the Mérida International Classical Theatre Festival and Mixtolobo.