by Juan Mayorga

A play about marriage, the passage of time, and the mysterious relationship between people and objects.

16 to 19 january 2025
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Héctor and Berna are a childless married couple who, throughout their lives, have assembled a collection to which they sacrificed everything else. Now, as elderly individuals, they want to ensure that the collection outlives them, so they search for an heir. They have summoned Susana, a collector herself, perhaps to examine her. Carlos accompanies them, perhaps as an examiner himself, if not a piece of the collection. “La Colección” is a play about marriage, about the passage of time, and about the mysterious relationship between people and objects.

‘It was necessary for someone to create the collection. Images separated by oceans or centuries awaited someone to bring them together. Their destiny was the collection. If someday, a million years from now, a being capable of thinking and feeling comes across the collection, they will know what humanity is and what it could have been. Before walking through that door, consider that when you return to this side, you will see everything from the perspective of the collection. Including other people and yourselves. The collection reveals you. You cannot look at it without asking yourself who you are, because it contains everything you are and everything you are not.’ – Juan Mayorga.

The team

Text and Direction: Juan Mayorga.
Cast: José Sacristán, Ana Marzoa, Ignacio Jiménez, Zaira Montes.
Set Design: Alessio Meloni (AAPEE).
Lighting Design: Juan Gómez Cornejo (A.A.I).
Costume Design: Vanessa Actif (AAPEE) – Sandra Espinosa.
Music and Sound Space: Jaume Manresa.

A co-production of La Zona, Teatro de La Abadía, and TIDI Teatro Madrid.


16/01/2025 7:30 PM
17/01/2025 7:30 PM
18/01/2025 7:00 PM
19/01/2025 7:00 PM


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