Fernando Rojas
Version by Eduardo Galán

Erotic passion and covetousness underpinned by “Carpe Diem” shine through in a version that will speak to your very soul.

28 to 30 september 2023

Calisto, a strapping young man, chases a falcon into a vegetable garden where he comes across Melibea and falls madly in love with her. After she turns him down, his man-servant Sempronio recommends that he has a word with Celestina (the matchmaker) so she can help him win Melibea’s love. This is the starting point of La Celestina which, along with Don Quijote and Don Juan, is one of Spanish literature’s three great universal myths. Fernando de Rojas wrote this work at the end of the 15th century to be read by cultured university students of the day, not to be put on stage. Staging the entire text would last over four hours, although not in this case.

Eduardo Galán’s adaptation prioritises dynamic action, the pace of the conflicts, the speed of passing time, to reflect the central idea of the work: “carpe diem”, the brevity of life, the need –as Celestina advises Melibea– to enjoy your youth before old-age ruins your beauty. “How did I not enjoy life more?” laments Melibea after watching her beloved Calisto die. The language is fitting for the period but does not raise the difficulties of understanding the original, and the very long speeches have been shortened. This version not only brings tragicomedy to younger audiences but will speak to the very soul of everyone coming to see it.

The team

Author: Fernando de Rojas.
Adaptation: Eduardo Galán.
Director: Antonio Castro Guijosa.
Cast: Anabel Alonso, José Saiz, Víctor Sainz, Claudia Taboada, Beatriz Grimaldos, David Huertas.
Set and Costume: Mónica Tejeiro.
Lighting: José Manuel Guerra.
Original Music and Sound: Manuel Solís.
Hair and Make-up: Roberto Palacios.
Executive Production: SEQUENCE 3.


Days 28 and 29 – 19:30 h.
Day 30 – 19:00 h.


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110 min.