The 5th edition of the Korrontzi fundraising concert, this time in support of the AITA MARI ship.

Melodies of hope for those embarking on a new life.

11 december 2022

Korrontzi embarks on the “Aita Mari” bound for the Mediterranean. On the deck they tune their trikitixa or Basque button accordion to start this musical route towards distant waters. They collect stories and tunes, traditions, and cultures in each port, and offer hope to those leaving for a new life on board. A fund-raising concert in support of the Aita Mari rescue ship.

The Korrontzi folk music band was formed in 2004 by accordion player Agus Barandiaran. His goal in forming the band was to give Basque folk music, as well as ancestral and traditional sounds from his homeland, a more modern and contemporary perspective, but always from the perspective of music based on the trikitixa or button accordion and other traditional instruments such as the txalaparta, a type of Idiophone or the hornpipe or alboka, without ever forgetting the absolute respect for everything he had received from his first teacher, the accordion player Rufino Arrola (1909 – 1996). To achieve this sound, the group combines different musical styles and fuses instruments such as the mandolin, the electric bass, the double bass, or percussion. Over the years, Korrontzi has taken his culture, language, dance, and music all over the world, playing at major festivals and visiting numerous countries.


Day 11 - 19:00h.


From 12 to 15€ /with discounts

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50% DISCOUNT (in proscenium balcony and one accompanying person)