A room. No place. Three cold rooms and absences. The desire to share fear until it disappears. “OYMYAKON: Room 101” is the headquarters of solipsism, where the mirror is the window and there is no door out. There, we will discover the characters who co-exist there without knowing each other, showing the need for each other.

Arrate Etxeberria, Miren Gaztañaga and Txubio Fdez. de Jauregui make up the cast of this new  stage film by Alex Gerediaga and his Khea Ziater company. Proposals that always stand out for the search for the relationship between stage and film codes, to generate a theatre with powerful aesthetics and a particular and recognisable narrative. “Macbeth”, the recent Arriaga Theatre production, directed by Gerediaga himself, is an illustrative example of this form of creation.

The team

Cast: Arrate Etxeberria, Miren Gaztañaga, Txubio Fdez. de Jauregui

Director and Playwright: Alex Gerediaga

Stage and Costume Design: Azegiñe Urigoitia

Sound Space: Ibon Aguirre

Lighting: Oier Ituarte

Screening Technician: Javi Andraka

Photography: Son Aoujil

Videos: Jesus Pueyo

Production and Distribution: Khea Ziater


7:30 pm:


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