The indelible mark made on history by a woman's name

22 to 24 november 2019


Of Arc, the Mad, La Beltraneja, Pope… Joan, Joanne, Joanna or JUANA, a woman’s name that has made its mark on history; the mark of someone who has almost always lived a life greater than the one she was destined to by dint of her gender and the time in which she lived. An indelible mark on which successive generations of women and men have walked, thereby also leaving new traces of our steps in each place, and in each time.

Dance and theatre combine in this proposal bearing a woman’s name, performed by the Losdadae company, winner of the MAX Award for Best Dance Production 2016.


The team

Artistic Direction and Choreography: Chevi Muraday

Playwright: Juan Carlos Rubio

Texts: Juan Carlos Rubio, Marina Seresesky

Cast: Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Chevi Muraday, Alberto Velasco, Maximiliano Sanford, Carlos Beluga

Assistant Director/ Choreography: Manuela Barrero

Stage design: Curt Allen Willmer and Studio De2

Wardrobe design: Felype de Lima

Lighting design: Nicolás Fischtel

Sound Space, Original Music: Ricardo Miluy, Mariano Marín

Photography: Lighuen Desanto

Makeup and Hair: Chema Nocci

Video: Javier Cardenete

Assistant producer: Julio Rojas

Production directors: Amanda R. Garcia

Distribution: Charo Fernández-Traspasos Kultur


22 & 23: 7:30 pm

24: 7:00 pm


From €9,50 to €25

Friends of the Arriaga: 25% discount.
Groups, young people, over 65s, job seekers, large families, and people with a disability of more than 33%: 20% discount.
Theatre professionals: 20% discount.
Last minute discount (for the above groups, except Friends of the Arriaga): 50% discount.
Last minute discount for Young Friends of the Arriaga: 70% discount.
Wheelchair users: 50% discount (seated in the proscenium box with a companion)


80 minutes