Enrike Solinis has had the good fortune to be able to travel in space-time with Jordi Savall, forming part of his ensembles and learning from each of his projects. Now, leading the group Euskal Barrokensemble, he presents a new program, with the universal Basque figure of Juan Sebastián Elkano as the captain of a musical voyage around the world, a project perhaps closer to his heart.

The man who, 500 years ago, set off on an expedition led by Fernando de Magallanes in search of the Spice islands, who circled the globe and is still unknown in much of the world, returns here to give us a glimpse of the past for the delight and understanding of the present. The guidelines are marked and the principle is simple: music is the universal language par excellence that has united remote peoples for years and continues to do so.

The team

Musicians: Euskal Barrokensemble.
Artistic direction, Baroque guitar and lute: Enrike Solinis.


Day 2 - 19:00h.


From 12 to 25€ /with discount

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Groups, young people, over-65s, unemployed, large families and people with 33%+ disability:

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75 min.