Ink and Time

A brilliant, generous and abundant new work, which adds to the essentials of his repertoire.

04 december 2022

Jorge Drexler presents his new album, Tinta y Tiempo. This his fourteenth studio album arrives on the 30th anniversary of the release of his first album. Three decades of songs that continue to add to the imagination of the Uruguayan, who stands out especially for the connection with the public in his concerts around the world.

When Jorge Drexler began to create this album, he never thought about everything that would come after it. He came up with the initial songs during lock down, where uncertainty and difficulty had become the norm. However, the Uruguayan singer and composer solved the problem by transporting himself to a universe full of light. That was how Tinta y Tiempo was born; a dazzling, generous, and bountiful work destined to become a vital component of his repertoire. We will undoubtedly be able to listen to tracks from earlier albums in addition to the new repertoire.

The team

Voice and guitar: Jorge Drexler
Drums: Borja Barrueta
Keyboards and backing vocals: Meritxell Neddermann
Guitar and backing vocals: Javier Calequi
Bass and settings: Carles “Campi” Campón
Vocals: Alana Sinkëy y Miryam Latrece


Day 4 - 19:00h.


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