Death is a one-syllable word, as is fear or dread. It is 8pm. Someone shoots a gun. A young woman runs out of a drugstore, she mounts her bicycle and rides off. My father’s breath… Five steps to my bed… The smell of tobacco. A woman fits a hose to the exhaust pipe of her car and closes the door. Someone warns you that you are in danger. A police siren sounds in the distance. Let’s see who can stand the pain for the longest time, as we did at school. The first time I stole a bike from a kid… I suck, just so. My bedroom door opens, and I just want to vanish in the night. You robbed me of my childhood. I would have loved to play, to run, to laugh… A bullet, just a bullet and it would all disappear. Today should have been an ordinary day, but it was not. There are seven steps to the rooftop’s edge. I like rooftops.

The team

Izoztutako haizea bezala

Como un viento helado

Como un viento helado

by Rafael Herrero


Translated by: Aizpea Goenaga

Director and set designer: Fernando Bernués

Cast: Nerea Elizalde, Tania Fornieles, Koldo Olabarri

Costume design: Ana Turrillas

Lighting design: Xabier Lozano

Video and sound design: Acrónica Producciones

Technical coordination: Edi Naudó

Management: Maite Gorrotxategi

Executive producer: Ane Antoñanzas

Assistant producer: Nagore Plazaola




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