A girl, virtuoso pianist, must face another destination

28 to 30 december 2017


Izar is a young girl aged six who is set to become a world renowned pianist. Thanks to the unwavering discipline she is subjected to by her parents, her virtuosity has reached an extraordinary level for her age.

Izar is a happy star, so much so that she never wants to grow up. However, life which is haphazard and whimsical like a spoilt child, has another destination for her: an unexpected emotional labyrinth from which she will only be able to escape if she is guided  by another star, not just any star but a sea star.

Arriaga debut


The team

Author and Director: Jokin Oregi

Music: Iñaki Salvador

Stage Design and Wardrobe: Elisa Sanz

Choreography: Mayda Zabala

Actors: Anduriña Zurutuza, Javier Renobales, Ana Meabe, Ana Martínez

Lighting: Javi Kandela

Audiovisual Aids: Carles Porta

Costumes: Nati Ortiz de Zarate

Masks and Props: Javi Tirado

Tour Technicians: Javi Kandela, Unai Barrio

Illustration: Ane Pikaza

Executive Production: Pío Ortiz de Pinedo

Production: Marie de Jongh Teatroa

Show co-produced by Versailles Théâtre Montansier, Basauri Antzokia Social Theatre and Donostia Kultura


Decembre 28. 08.00pm

Decembre 29 and 30. 05.00pm and 08:00pm


from €6,5 to €18. €8 for people under 18 /discounts

Friends of the Arriaga: 25%


55 minutes