Música: Roger Calmel

Together, they are tasked with "changing the hearts" of the city's residents.

06 to 07 may 2023
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This musical tale, written for piano, narrator, tiple, soprano and choir, depicts the tale of a sea-loving girl who is one day rescued by sailors. In the middle of a storm, the girl falls into the water and is swallowed by a gigantic fish, which transports her to a beach; from there, seabirds lead her to a grey and lifeless metropolis.

There, she meets a boy who repairs stars, and together they set out to “change the hearts” of the inhabitants of the city. A creative and picturesque proposal that, via music, dance, voice, and emotion, communicates a universal story that combines creativity, a social message, and environmental sustainability.

Ages: from 6 years of age
In Spanish with dialogues in Basque, subtitles in Basque and Spanish.

The team

Music: Roger Calmel
Stage direction: Mafalda Saloio
Production: San Sebastian Musical Fortnight


Day 6 - 18:00h.
Day 7 - 12:00 & 18:00h.


From 12 to 17€


55 min.