New songs from an artist who shirks contradictions and crushes clichés.

18 november 2021

“These thirteen songs are an extraordinary corpus, that of a poet in a state of grace who shirks contradictions and crushes the clichés in which the laziest prejudices include him”. With these words, the journalist Manuel Jabois refers to Seremos, Ismael Serrano’s new album, with which he takes to the road with his band to share these new songs and his popular hits with his followers.

Seven years after his album La llamada and the successful release of his records: 20 años, Hoy es siempre and Todavía, the long-awaited new album by the singer-songwriter from Madrid has arrived, a journey of self-discovery that the audience will discover on stage at the Arriaga.

The team

Voz: Ismael Serrano.
Teclado y acordeón: Jacob Sureda.
Cello: Irene Rouco.


18 - 19:30.


From 25 to 40€