*The Song of Our Life*

A new musical experience, departing from the conventional recital format and delving deeper into the theatrical approach.

12 november 2024
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Ismael Serrano once again surprises us with a new show brimming with poetry, inviting the audience to enjoy the privilege of listening not only to his timeless hits but also to songs from his latest album, The Song of Our Life. He offers the audience a fresh musical experience, steering away from the conventional recital and delving deeper into the theatrical approach he hinted at in previous tours.

Far from indulging in nostalgia, the verses of The Song of Our Life celebrate the present, despite uncertainties, and speak to us about the challenge of growing, inviting us to make peace with the passage of time. “We are beautiful because we are real,” says one of the songs. Ismael Serrano continues to delight us with those songs that insist on finding the epic in our everyday domestic battles, that hidden poetry in the little things.


12/11/2024 19:30


25-42€ /discounts

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